About us

Exercise Defined is a clinical exercise and functional therapy facility. All sessions are one-on-one and are by appointment only. This enables our instructors to devote full attention to our clients and to keep detailed progress reports. Our protocol is the safest and most effective known to date.

Our clients are encouraged to come in no more than twice a week. Our free introductory session takes one hour. This free introductory sessions affords one to see and feel what sets us apart. After this, a full body session takes no longer than thirty minutes. These sessions are all that is needed for optimum cardiovascular benefit and lean muscle growth stimulus. Our program has been shown to be the most effective in fat loss as well.

Our equipment is state of the art. It is specifically designed to execute our protocol. We have medical grade exercise machines that have been retrofitted to remove friction and mimic the body's strength curves. All of our exercise equipment track muscle and joint function.

Exercise Defined offers a general exercise program, a pregnancy program, as well as a neck and spine rehabilitation and pain relief program.

The indispensable ingredients to our ideal exercise environment including our specially trained instructors, our clinical setting, our exercise protocol, and our quality equipment, combine to deliver a service few facilities can offer.