MedEx Lumbar Machine
The MedX Medical Lumbar

Used to build strength and relieve pain in the lumbar spine of the lower back.

Retrofitted Equipment
Retrofit MedX

Some of our retrofitted Medx and Nautilus equipment.

Cervical Rotation
The MedX Cervical Rotation

Used to build strength and relieve pain in the cervical area.


Rotory Torso
The Rotory Torso

Strengthens the torso to improve posture, correct spinal curvatures, even improves your golf swing.

Seated Leg Curl
Seated Leg Curl

A close up of one retrofit on the Seated Leg Curl. The sliding or "floating" seat allows for precise tracking of muscle and joint function as well as reduced force to the knee.

Neck and Shoulder Machine
Neck and Shoulder Machine

At left, our retrofitted Neck and Shoulder machine. At right, our Cervical Extension, recammed, reseated with less friction than the original.


MedX Leg Press

Our Medx Leg Press with four bar Linkage to track muscle and joint function.

Triceps Extension

A close up of a retrofit to our Triceps Extension. The cam has been reshaped to track one's strength curve. Chain has been replaced with Kevlar and bushings with roller bearings to reduce friction.