Exercise Defined's Protocol

EDI's exercise protocol is what sets us apart from other fitness facilities. The key is that all exercises are performed using extremely slow motion. A single repetition lasts over twenty seconds. This includes:

  • a 10 second positive (the lifting portion)
  • a 10 second negative (the lowering portion)
  • about 3 seconds for turnaround at both ends of the repetition

Most people instinctively move weights very quickly - they jerk upwards, lower the weight without much control, and tense up and use momentum to "bounce" the weight at both ends of the repetition. The instinct serves a purpose - the speed and bounce at the ends do allow heavier weight to be moved. In competitive weightlifting both explosive speed and momentum are essential.

However, our goal is not necessarily to move more weight but to safely and efficiently target your muscles. By dramatically slowing the speed of the movements and ensuring that the weight smoothly changes directions, we virtually eliminate the possibility of injury. Excessive momentum is removed so only the muscles (and not the joints, tendons, or ligaments) are taxed.

We Know Your Time is Valuable

Workouts are an extremely efficient experience for our clients. You will be in and out in less than 30 minutes. You will come in no more than twice per week. Don't worry, that's all the time we need to target all major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. Our instructors set up the equipment, keep detailed notes, and guide our clients through every step of the workout.

Slow, Safe & Efficient ≠ Easy

Although our repetitions are slow and our sessions are short, EDI workouts are not easy. If you make an honest effort and follow the instructor's guidance, you will be challenged.


Our protocol is perfect for those recovering from an injury. When the speed of a movement is slowed down, we can safely diagnose injuries and find pain-free ranges of motion while also increasing the body's functional ability.

A Few Words on Our Exercise Environment

Most gyms assault their members with a cacophony of distractions – thumping music, blaring televisions, and grunting patrons. We are careful to maintain a clean and distraction-free facility. There is no music and there are no mirrors or televisions. The temperature is kept at 68 degrees. The sessions are one-on-one with a focus on privacy. Instructors are dressed professionally at all times and closely monitor and record every aspect of their client's performance.